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  • Needing to Spruce Up Your Golf Course?
  • Wanting to give your course a championship course feel?
  • Tired of the old fashion way and how to keep score for your golf tournaments?
  • Wanting to have more exposure and marketing and advertising to your golf course?
If your golf course frequently hosts golf tournaments or events, our scoreboards can help you make the most of this occasion by providing an elegant place for people to congregate and enjoy the company of their fellow competitors. When golfers enjoy the atmosphere they are in, more golfers & even sponsors will want to be part of your course event. This will increase your golf course traffic and boost your revenue by 20% or more.

Golf Course scoreboard is the future to the golf industry. This is a perfect way to show you our golfers that you’re putting money back into the golf community and you’re showing them that your course now can feel like a championship course.

There is no upfront cost for doing business with Score More Advertising. We supply & install the scoreboard and the insurance. You just maintain the ground and it’s on.

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Our Scoreboard features:

These multi-functional designs feature specialty powder-coated, aluminium scoring panels. They rotate 360 degrees and can be customized with a dry erase marker system and interchangeable sponsor panels. Our custom scoreboard system will serve as an impressive focal point and enhancement to all of your tournaments.

High Quality

Our scoreboard are double-sided & made of high quality aluminium and steel and then powder coated with latest powder coating technology & methods.



When used in conjunction with permanent markers, your scores won’t smudge or fade. 



The embedded steel plate in each board allows you to easily hang your paper score sheets with magnetic holders.

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