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Brands are built on golf courses where your audience is receptive to buzz advertising and fun atmosphere. In fact, it’s the only time when consumers are not distracted by mobile phones, work, kids and just plain old life. Golf courses are a release of stress so consumers are in a comfortable atmosphere to retain your brand, marketing & advertising. They have a higher awareness to your products because of the atmosphere they are in. So the return on your investment is much higher!

Your exposure is not just limited to the thousands of golfers who see your Ad. Golfers will take pictures in front of the scoreboard to show off their wonderful day and scores and in doing so they’ll share it to all their social campaigns which then will give you ultimate exposure because you’ll be on their social campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) with your company logo.

Elmwood Golf course receives 60K people every year and if only 1% of them share scoreboard pictures with your company logo with their 500 friends on Facebook, you will receive 300K impressions on social media! Your social media exposure will magnify further with their friends sharing the post with their friends and so on. So the marketing opportunities with golf scoreboard Ads are endless.

Benefits of Golf Scoreboard Advertising

Audience is more receptive

Your audience is more receptive to advertising in a golf course with a fun & stress-free atmosphere.

Get Exposure on Social Media!

As golfers share photos on social channels like FB & Instagram, your brand Ads will receive a boost!

Get Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Golf scoreboard Ads receive Higher ROI on Ad spend compared to traditional marketing.

Get Higher Audience Retention Rate

Your brand will have 35% higher retention rate in a fun & stress-free atmosphere

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